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Sushi Chefs Train for 10 Years!

Did You Know? Sushi Chefs Train for 10 Years!

Hideaki Taneda, the executive chef of our Seattle Japanese restaurant, exemplifies the professionalism and sophistication of the master sushi chef. Chefs are major figures in Japanese culture, as the quality of their food is seen as representing their nation–whether well or poorly. Traditionally, it takes about ten years to master the art of sushi. It is believed that one eats with one’s eyes, not only one’s mouth, hence the elaborate preparation that guests will behold at the I Love Sushi restaurant in Seattle/Lake Union. Chef Taneda’s colorful displays foreshadow the complex flavors to follow, and–we hope–make every meal a thoroughly delightful and memorable one.

Half of All Fish Consumed Is Farmed

Did you know? Half of All Fish Consumed Is Farmed

The I Love Sushi restaurant in Seattle believes in the importance of sustainable cuisine, emphasizing replenishable sources when possible. Fish farms are the primary source of replenishable seafood for both sushi and other purposes, and account for about half of all fish consumed worldwide (according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). Wild fish are thus preserved in their natural habitats and not threatened by overfishing, ensuring sustenance for communities that rely on fish for food, as well as work for the fish farmers. Naturally, our Seattle sushi restaurant serves the freshest fish available, whether farmed or wild, to bring you authentic and delicate flavors with every plate.