The Caterpillar Roll

Sometimes known as a dragon roll, the caterpillar roll is a classic fusion-style makizushi. It typically consists of cucumber and unagi eel, with slices of avocado across the top. The final product has a green, segmented appearance that some people think resembles a caterpillar, which is the origin of the roll’s name.

The caterpillar roll is a good choice for many Americans, even those who are new to the experience of eating sushi. It is known to have a mild taste, suitable for those who are not fond of the bold or spicy flavors of certain other fusion choices. The grilled eel within it is also appetizing to people who aren’t yet ready to consume raw fish. Sushi veterans and first-timers alike find the combination of the hearty avocado and high-energy unagi to be a solid, satisfying experience.

At I Love Sushi, we make our caterpillar roll with a topping of flying fish roe to give it a little extra kick. Come and try this long-time favorite at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle today!