What Makes Japan So Healthy?

Have you ever wondered how Japan maintains one of the developed world’s lowest obesity rates? At about 3.5%, Japan’s population is second only to Korea’s as the slimmest, with a scant tenth of the 35% obesity rate we have in the States. There are most probably many factors at play to account for this, but a lot of it has to do with the common Japanese diet. Come on down to I Love Sushi’s Seattle restaurant, and you’ll have to agree that Japanese fare is a big part of what Japan is doing right.

In Japan, the average meal is rich in healthy, low-fat grains and vegetables, putting a smaller emphasis on fatty red meats than we do in the US. Japan, as an island nation, has always gotten much of its meat from the sea, which provides a far healthier variety of fat. It is from seafood that we get the best of our all-important omega-3 fatty acids, which serves to fight heart disease and help to clean cholesterol and saturated fats out of your system.

Do the right thing for your body, and start making I Love Sushi a bigger part of your diet today!