Where Did Inari Sushi Get its Name?

Inari sushi is a unique fixture on many sushi menus. This fried, tofu-wrapped lump of sushi rice is a big favorite in Japan, where it has been given a name in honor of one of the country’s traditional legends.

Inari was a deity, alternatively either a god or a goddess depending on the form he or she took. A tricky shapeshifter, Inari was often known to appear as a bearded old man, a beautiful young woman, a kitsune fox, a snake, a spider, a dragon, and a whole lot more. In whatever form Inari took, the deity was said to be the patron of food, rice, tea, sake, agriculture, and industry, fabled to protect crops and bring good luck to farmers and merchants. He or she was also known to have a particular liking for tofu, which explains why the name has been given to the inari sushi.

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