A Sushi Spin on Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is approaching, which means we’re all looking forward to sharing a hearty meal with family and other loved ones. It also means that we’re probably looking forward to at least a day or two of finding something to do with all of our leftovers. So, when turkey sandwiches start to lose their appeal, what do you do with your table scraps?

If you’re the Vulgar Chef, you take the opportunity to put a weird new twist on an old culinary art form. It is from this notorious, foul-mouthed foodie that we get the recipe for “Thanksgiving sushi”. As the Chef describes it, you start with crispy turkey skin, which is placed on a flat surface to serve as the nori. Instead of sushi rice, you cover this skin with leftover stuffing. This is followed with turkey and cranberry sauce, which is all rolled up into a maki-style roll. Cover it in gravy and serve it with wasabi-infused mashed potatoes to perfect your weird and twisted sushi meal.

Of course, if you’re looking for something more authentically Japanese, pay us a visit at I Love Sushi in Seattle. We’ll give you a sushi meal that you can truly feel thankful for!