Should Women Avoid Tofu?

Some women have been told that they should stay away from tofu. Largely, this was advice given to women who either have a high risk of suffering from breast cancer or are currently struggling against breast cancer. It was theorized that the isoflavones in tofu have an effect similar to estrogen, and may further encourage the development of malignant growths on the breast.

If this has been keeping you from enjoying the healthy protein of tofu, we have good news for you: more recent research has shown us that women should not worry about tofu causing breast cancer. According to the Shanghai Breast Cancer Survival Study, making tofu a regular part of your diet can actually bring about a significantly lower risk of either dying from breast cancer or relapsing after recovering from breast cancer. This applies to all whole soy foods, including tofu and soymilk; isolated soy foods, like certain soy-based protein bars, are not as healthy.

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