Sushi Rice

When you visit our sushi restaurant in Seattle, you’ll notice most of our sushi is made with a kind of sticky rice called “sushi meshi.” While the rice may appear to be nothing extravagant, cooking it perfectly requires refined skill. “Short-grain” rice native to Japan has long been central to Japanese cuisine. Due to its starch ratios, Japanese rice is very sticky when cooked, making it ideal for sushi rolls; it can be easily pressed while cooking and easily handled with chopsticks while eating. The rice is traditionally cooked in vinegar, sugar, salt, and occasionally sake. For optimal stickiness, the rice must be room temperature before it is formed or rolled into sushi.

The chefs at our sushi restaurant in Seattle have mastered the art of Japanese rice cooking, and we encourage you to see for yourselves. Our maki rolls and nigiri are all made with sushi meshi, so take a look at our menu to see what options await!