The Many Talents of Sake

You’ve probably heard of sake, like the varieties we serve at our Seattle sushi restaurant. This sweet rice wine is the national beverage of Japan, and the ancient drink of the kami (gods). You could hardly ask for a more appropriate drink to go with your Japanese dining experience, and, if you’ve never sampled this remarkable liquor before, consider the following for the next time you find yourself craving sushi.

One of the great things about sake is its versatility. It can be enjoyed at a greater range of temperatures than other alcoholic beverages, commonly consumed chilled, room-temperature, or even warm. Anywhere between five and fifty-five degrees Celsius is recommended for sake, making it a fine complement to any meal or occasion.

Sake’s taste can also come in many different forms. Different brews are categorized as flavorful, light, rich, or aged, each one providing a distinct experience. Even within these categories, varying rices, waters, and brewing techniques lend themselves to a rich and diverse selection of flavors and textures. It’s the drink of a thousand faces!

With all this considered, it’s no wonder that sake has been so successful worldwide. It’s able to bring out flavors and temper aromas, finding a place among all manner of meals. Try a bottle at I Love Sushi today, and experience the wonder that is Japan’s favorite drink!