Sushi Robots

Nobody likes sushi more than the Japanese. Throughout the country, it can occasionally be a strain to produce enough rolls for the hungry diners. This is why many venues are replacing the traditional itamae with a sushi-making robot.

Sushi robots are not a new thing. Indeed, a company known as Suzumo built the first robot capable of preparing sushi back in 1981. Today, their current line of robots is capable of producing roughly 4,000 pieces of maki sushi every hour, or one complete roll every twelve seconds. Only a small amount of human assistance is required to provide the machine with the ingredients it needs.

Of course, most of these machines are going to supermarkets, sports venues, schools, and other places that require quantity over quality. The highest quality sushi can still only be produced by a skilled itamae, who is capable of bringing an element of intuition and creativity that is beyond a machine. Come and taste the difference that this human touch can make at I Love Sushi’s Japanese restaurant in Seattle today!