The Health Benefits of Lobster

Lobster is loved first and foremost for its great taste. But is this luxurious red shellfish also healthy? Though you may not expect many nutritional benefits from such an indulgent dish, a healthy diet has room for a moderate amount of lobster.

Lobster is a good source of protein, as well as a source of many of the valuable vitamins and minerals you need to maintain a healthy body. A single cup of lobster provides you with seventeen percent of your recommended daily consumption of niacin, twenty-one percent of your phosphorus, fifteen percent of your magnesium, nine percent of your B12, thirteen percent of your vitamin B6, ten percent of your vitamin E, seven percent of your potassium, and five percent of your zinc. The one downside to consider is the high sodium and cholesterol levels found in the meat. With this in mind, people with good cardiovascular health should feel okay about enjoying the occasional piece of lobster. Come and enjoy some lobster tail tempura or a lobster tail roll at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle today!