The Wonders of Crab

Are you a fan of crab? If you are, we invite you to dine on everybody’s favorite shellfish at I Love Sushi’s Seattle restaurant. We put it in our sushi, our miso, our udon, and in many other delicious dishes.

Not only is crab engaging to the taste buds, but it’s also very healthy. First of all, crab features a good dose of omega-3. On top of this, crab also gives you a lot of valuable nutrients like chromium and selenium. The former facilitates the metabolization of sugar, helping to prevent or manage diabetes. The latter is a powerful antioxidant that helps guard your system from carcinogens and deadly toxins like cadmium, arsenic, and mercury.

So come indulge your craving for this captivating crustacean! For all your crab needs, I Love Sushi is always a great choice!