Hironori Ikeno’s Amazing Miniature Sushi

There is a restaurant in Tokyo known to have a unique take on the sushi craft. This is the restaurant of Hironori Ikeno, an itamae who aspired to make the very smallest sushi in the world. He accomplishes this by taking a single grain of sushi rice, upon which he balances a tiny piece of fish and wraps it with a miniature piece of nori seaweed with the skillful precision of a watchmaker. Each piece takes Ikeno five minutes to complete, roughly five times the time for a conventional nigiri sushi. However, regulars to his restaurant say that they still pack all the flavor of their full-sized counterparts.

As Ikeno describes it, these miniature sushi started out as a joke with a customer. After serving a particularly small piece of sushi, he got to wondering just how small he could make it. The idea caught fire, and today he has been serving these miniscule morsels for over ten years.

You may not find anything quite this tiny at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, but you can still find a sushi experience worth talking about. Come and join us at I Love Sushi today!