The Japanese New Year’s Meal

2016 is on the way. This means that the people of Japan are looking forward to partaking of delicious, traditional New Year cuisine. A tradition that goes back to the Heian Era in 794, they call such cuisine Oshechi Ryori. Each of these foods is heavy with seasonal symbolism for the new year, as detailed here:

  • Shrimp: Longevity
  • Kohaku Namasu: Good omens
  • Kuromame: Good health
  • Kazunoko: Fertility
  • Daidai: Similar to kazunoko
  • Kamaboko: Celebration and festivity
  • Tazukuki: Bountiful harvest
  • Kurikinton: Prosperity
  • Datemaki: A wish for many auspicious days
  • Konbumaki: Happiness
  • Tai no Skioyaki: Good luck
  • Toshi Koshi Soba: The crossing of the year2929

Many Japanese households will prepare a feast of these foods on New Year’s Eve so that nobody needs to cook throughout the New Year celebration, which lasts until January 3rd. If you, too, would like to ring in 2016 with high quality Japanese-style fare, pay us a visit at I Love Sushi. Our Japanese restaurant in Seattle has many delicious classics to help you start the year right!